Karik is back banging harder than ever! When he first came on the scene, Karik was just some nerdy looking Viet rapper with glasses.1 The glasses are gone, and he's now looking like a real G.

G is for Gangster

I love hip-hop and rap music, but good Vietnamese rap is hard to find. So when I find Vietnamese rap that I like, it's like Christmas morning for me.

The Vietnamese rap scene has been growing rapidly in the last couple of years. Underground Viet rappers like Karik are now becoming more mainstream. This is due to the fact that the Vietnamese music industry has started to modernize and globalize along with the economy.

Bang or Back represents the new wave of Vietnamese pop music. They went all out on the MV. Bang or Back is the best produced MV that I have seen to come out of Vietnam yet. No joke. I love the fashion and style of the video. I love all the colors and the imagery. It's modern and stylish -- with an Asian flair to it. I love me some Asian fashion. Asymmetrical zipper jackets are totally awesome, IMO.

How do you feel about the MV? Let me know in the comment section.

Screenshots and video provided below.

Dat Bicycle Dat EDM Rave Mask Dem Water Guns Chillaxing The Face of a Man Trying to Hold Down a Boner Dem Asian Paintings Dem Ninjutsu Hand Signs