Addy Trần, most known for producing songs for 365DaBand, keeps the party going with his latest song -- Đêm Nay Ta Say. Like his previous songs (Saigon Night and Let's Go Party), Addy is all about that club life. He's like the Lil Jon of Vpop. All of his songs are about getting turnt up. "Đêm nay ta say" translated means "tonight we getting drunk."

What are my impressions of the MV? It makes me want to visit Vietnam. The MV is shot in the luxurious Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel. The hotel room in the MV looks like something I would realistically expect from your fancier hotels in Vietnam -- clean, modern, and compact. Hotel rooms in Vietnam are just smaller than what you would normally see in the US.

Một, Hai, Ba, Vô!

Like Korea and Japan, Vietnam has a very strong drinking culture. Vietnamese people can turn up with the best of them. If you are ever in Vietnam, here's a quick cultural tip that you may want to know -- "Một, Hai, Ba, Vô (Yo)!" is how Vietnamese people toast their drinks. It is the equivalent of saying "Cheers!" in the Western world. "Một, Hai, Ba, Vô" means "1, 2, 3, Go (in)!" Another quick Vietnamese lesson -- V's sound like Y's in Southern informal spoken Vietnamese.

After watching this MV, I totally want to party on a fancy rooftop bar now. If I ever go back to Vietnam, it will be on my list of things to do. What's better than hanging out at a chill rooftop bar in Saigon? There's even a place called Chill Skybar in HCMC.

Going hard in da paint

One last thing, did he say "ottoke" instead of "okay" in the beginning of the video? Korean culture sure is popular in VN these days.