What is Melbourne bounce? Melbourne bounce is an EDM subgenre with an uptempo, horn-infused, and party-hardy sound influenced by Dutch house and Jumpstyle that mainly was cultivated in Australia. It's a style that appeals to one's goofy and fun-loving sensibilities. Have you heard of Deorro? Well, he's one American DJ who popularized Melbourne bounce outside of Australia. Don't know who Deorro is? Fine. I know everyone has heard the song #Selfie by The Chainsmokers. That's a Melbourne bounce song!

Why am I talking about Melbourne bounce? That's because I'm going to be talking about Melbourne bounce in Vpop. Thủy Tiên recently released an MV for her new Melbourne bounce style song Em Đã Yêu. Vietnam is right next to Australia, and there's a large Vietnamese population in Australia. As a result, I'm not really surprised that someone finally decided to integrate the Melbourne sound into Vpop. Heck. Shuffling, or doing the Melbourne shuffle, is something that is popular with Vietnamese EDM fans. And since house music has always been pretty popular, it seems like a no-brainer.

To me, Em Đã Yêu totally songs like a Deorro song. In actuality, it was produced by Vietnamese DJ/producer Hoaprox. Em Đã Yêu didn't really work for me. I wanted to like it, but something about it sounded forced and unnatural. Eventually, I realized that I already heard a better version of it. And that version was Hoaprox's remix of the song Hai Cô Tiên (Two Fairies) by 365DaBand found below.

Which version do you prefer? I personally enjoy Isaac's vocals. That boy got an EDM-friendly voice like Matthew Koma.