Two of the biggest names in Vpop are making a November comeback.

365DaBand - Và Như Thế Teaser

Vietnam's top boy band 365DaBand is coming out with their new song Và Như Thế. From the teaser clip, all we get is Isaac singing the chorus, which is a smart move on their part. Isaac is the best one of the group. Who cares about the other members? Not me. I get the impression that Và Như Thế is going to be a pretty standard "poppy" boy band song about heartbreak over some skank leaving. Và Như Thế? So it's like that? F*cking bitch!

Đông Nhi - Boom Boom Teaser

Also making a comeback is Vpop superstar Đông Nhi with a new song titled Boom Boom. Looks like Đông Nhi is going the club banger route from what I see in the teaser. There's a man who sounds like Fatman Scoop repeating the phrase "drop top model." Is he talking about cars, or is he referencing women? Is he talking about convertibles with retractable rooftops, or is he talking about models dropping their tops a strip club? I don't know. All I know is that I expect some skanks and cars in the MV. It's gonna be a very happy Skanksgiving this year! I hope I don't go boom boom in my pants from all this excitement.