Theo Tao Ra Ngoài Kia - SMO ft Sol7, SouthGanZ (Wowy, Nah, LD)

IT G MA! UNDERWATER SQUAD! Oh whoops, wrong song. My bad. I thought it was that Keith Ape song. You can see how I got confused, right? The Korean trap influence is undeniable.

Trap music is what's hot in the rap scene these days. Everyone is on that trap music hype train. The rap scene in Asia is no exception. Asian rappers are finding great success with the Atlanta-based trap sound. Keith Ape is slaying the Korean rap scene while KOHH is tearing up the Japanese scene.

How about the Vietnamese scene? Well, trap is also starting to become more popular in the Vietnamese underground rap scene. Will trap music explode in popularity in Vietnam too? Probably not. EDM is still the dominate Western music style/culture that is taking off in Vietnam right now, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

Bonus SouthGanZ MV - Làm Việc Nước