Sơn Tùng M-TP is back with a new MV for his latest single Buông Đôi Tay Nhau Ra. Like a lot of other popular Vietnamese songs, Buông Đôi Tay Nhau Ra is a breakup song. Vietnamese people sure do love their nhạc buồn (sad songs).

Buông Đôi Tay Nhau Ra roughly translated into English means "let go of each other's hands." "Buông" means "to let go." "Đôi" means "a pair." "Tay" means "hand." "Nhau" means "each other." "Ra" means "out." Another common way to say "breakup" in Vietnamese is by using the expression chia tay. "Chia" is a verb meaning "to divide, to split, to distribute, or to share." Again, "tay" means "hand."

In the MV, the theme of the separation of hands is very prominent. It's used both as a metaphorical and literal representation of the splitting up of two former lovers.

I'm a big fan of Buông Đôi Tay Nhau Ra. It has a jazzy and classical quality that isn't found in typical Vietnamese music. It's a song that I could see myself listening to at a fancy whiskey bar or at a chic lounge.

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