Vicky Nhung, whose real name is Nguyễn Hồng Nhung, is a popular Vietnamese YouTuber. Her mashups and covers of popular Vietnamese and English songs like Một Nhà (Da Lab), See You Again (Fast and Furious), Cơn Mưa Ngang Qua (M-TP), and Set Fire To The Rain (Adele) have made her very popular with the netizens of Vietnam. Spurred on by her online success, Vicky participated in the Vietnamese TV singing competition The Voice of Vietnam (Season 3). Although Vicky Nhung didn't win The Voice of Vietnam, she continues to prove herself as a very capable artist with fans and YouTube views (over 16 million) growing in number each day. Today, she is making her professional debut with the single Nói Đi Mà.

The next Tiên Tiên?

In my opinion, Nói Đi Mà is a pretty good debut single from Vicky. Instead of trying to follow the current hot and trendy styles, Vicky is just doing her own thing and staying true to herself. I like that. Vicky has a unique acoustic sound and tomboy-ish/unisex/hipster appeal that is oddly very refreshing. She's basically taking the Tiên Tiên approach, and I'm all for it. I just want to hear good music. I don't care about what's popular. Variety is the spice of life! That's one of the reasons why I listen to more Vpop than Kpop these days. Kpop has become too homogeneous for my liking. Vpop is still in it's infancy, and I hope that Vpop artists continue to experiment with different sounds as Vpop grows and becomes more mainstream.