Feeling down in the dumps? Stressed out because of Finals? Overwhelmed by the holiday rush? You're in luck! I got just the song for you today. The tropical house remix of the song Soái Ca (Superhero) by artist Bảo Uyên is my feel good song of the week. Produced by Vietnamese DJ Vitamin D, the official remix of Soái Ca has a much more upbeat tone to it than the original version seen below.

I couldn't figure it out at first, but Bảo Uyên reminded me of someone. After watching and listening to the original MV, I eventually figured out who. I maybe showing my age here, but whatever. Bảo Uyên's music and singing style reminds me of Japanese-American artist Utada Hikaru! You younger kids may not know who Utada is, but Utada is a legend amongst old-school Asian pop fans like myself. That being said, I think Bảo Uyên has great potential.