Đông Nhi's new MV for Boom Boom is finally out! What do I think about it? I would say that it was worth the wait. They went all out on this one. Đông Nhi may want to talk to her financial advisor because Boom Boom looks like it cost some serious VND's to produce.1 Having fancy big-budget movie production quality doesn't come cheap.

The futuristic space theme is always a concept that I can get behind. What can I say? I'm a huge sci-fi nerd. I loved it in Minh Hằng's YOLO MV; I love it here. Boom Boom pretty much has everything that I could ask for in a pop music video. Fancy visuals? Check. Crazy costumes and hairdos? Check. Flashy lights and backgrounds? Check. Rap sequence? Check. Girls in sexy outfits? Check. Girls body rolling? Check. Girls hair whipping? Check. And most importantly, girls booty bouncing? You know it! Check!!!

Tron Đông Nhi Fifth Element Đông Nhi Sin City Đông Nhi Sith Lord Đông Nhi Booty Bounce! We Rolling Rolling Rolling! I got 99 problems, but a boyfriend ain't one.

No boyfriend, no problem. I have noticed that usage of this expression has been gaining popularity. I am not 100% sure were the expression came from. It's a popular T-shirt slogan, and it's also a popular club song by Spanish DJ Sak Noel. There's even a Japanese version of the No Boyfriend song with the girl groups FEMM & FAKY featured in it.

Boom Boom is essentially a girl empowerment song. I find this interesting since Vietnam in the past has always been a country with very traditional views. Girls basically had one primary job in life. That job was to get married. With more and more Western ideas being introduced to Vietnam everyday, what will the future hold?


  1. VND stands for đồng Việt Nam which is the currency used in Vietnam.