Bảo Thy has always been a very polarizing artist in the Vpop world. People either love her or hate her. In the Vietnamese showbiz industry, having "scandals" is one way to become famous and popular. No stranger to controversy, Bảo Thy has had her fair share of scandals - plastic surgery, plagiarism, feuding with other singers, etc. For whatever reason, trouble always seems to find Bảo Thy.

Sometimes referred to as the copycat Queen, Bảo Thy has a history of "covering" foreign songs in Vietnamese. Excuse me for making an anime reference here...she's like the Kakashi of Vpop.1 And just like in the animes, there always needs to be a rival. Bảo Thy is often compared to Đông Nhi. Both are female artists who make pop music targeted at the youth of Vietnam. Additionally, they are the same age and came up through the music scene at the same time. Đông Nhi recently came out with a new MV. Not to be outdone, Bảo Thy released her own MV for her new song I'm Sorry Babe a few days ago.

Is Bảo Thy trying to rain on Đông Nhi's parade? Maybe. While fans continue to argue who is better, I prefer to stand on the sidelines and just enjoy all the action. If sports and anime has taught me anything, it's that rivalries are good. They bring out the best in everyone. When Đông Nhi comes out with something new, that means Bảo Thy has to come out with something equally as good or better to stay relevant. It's a win-win situation for all Vpop fans. Hooray!

Yo! You guys see that fan twirl routine? Ghê gớm! (Sick!) Viet Style Get your sausage wet! Biblethump That was my favorite pillow. And up it is. AKA Panty Droppers


  1. Kakashi, who is nicknamed the copycat ninja, is a popular character in the Japanese anime/manga Naruto. It is said that he has copied over 1000 jutsus.