What does the future hold for Vpop? Personally, I have high hopes for Vpop in 2016. The growth and evolution of Vpop has been tremendous in the past couple of years. Although the market for Vpop is still tiny when you compare it to something like Kpop, the hunger and drive that I see in the younger generation of Vietnamese dreamers have made me a believer. Dare to dream because we are the future!

Last month, 365DaBand released a new album titled It's 365. While on tour in Hanoi promoting their new album, 365 shot a self-cam recording of themselves performing live with their fans. After watching it, I asked myself, "Is this the future?" I think 365 may have accidentally stumbled upon something here. Live performance videos offer a more personal and connective experience for fans than regular music videos. Could selfie music videos be a thing? Are self-cam performances the next step in offering fans a more "human" experience in a digital age? I hope so, because I would like to see more artists do it.

Last month, ex-365 member Tronie released the above 360-degree MV. It's the first 360-degree Vpop that I have seen. Get your VR headsets on because the future is now! Although I don't own a VR headset myself, it's nice to see Vietnam becoming early adopters and trying out new ideas. I'm still not a big believer in VR and 3D technology. 3D gaming doesn't appeal to me, but I feel 3D music videos might be pretty cool. If they could do a 360-degree livestream of an EDM event, that would be amazing! That's something that I would definitely sign up for.

The future for Vpop looks promising, and I'm excited to see what 2016 will bring. Happy 2016! I wish everyone a super-ultra-duper Happy New Year!