Vietnam's first musical sitcom Beyond The Top is a clear indication, in my opinion, that Vietnam's growing youth entertainment industry is here to stay. Ignored no longer, the teenage audience is now getting their fair share of quality programming.

Beyond The Top will feature four young Vietnamese artists: MLee, Soobin, Antei, and Phương Ly. It will be a show centered around the journey of four young individuals as they pursue their dreams of entering the showbiz industry. Judging from what I have seen so far, Beyond The Top looks to be the Vietnamese answer to the popular Korean drama Dream High.1

I believe Beyond The Top will be watchable online some time later this year. For more information on Beyond The Top, visit the official Facebook page here. For right now, you can watch the official music video below.


  1. Dream High is a show (starring real life K-pop idols) about high school students who work to achieve their dreams of becoming music stars in the Korean music industry.