Mona Lisa is a song that breaks the mold of what traditional Vietnamese pop music has been. It's no surprise that Mona Lisa is a song written by Châu Đăng Khoa, one of Vpop's rising young music composers. The musical and visual style of Mona Lisa is unlike anything that has ever existed in Vpop. Retro themed songs (although popular in Kpop) are not really a thing in Vpop. For that reason, I give Văn Mai Hương mad props.

If you like your EDM songs (like I do), then Chẳng Thể Là Ai Khác by Juun Đăng Dũng and Suni Hạ Linh is just for you! I have to say that the fashion style in the MV is very Hàn Quốc (Korean). Some people point out that the MV reminds them of the Kpop guy-girl duo Trouble Maker. I can see why people would say that. Anyways, Vietnamese people love their EDM (me included). Will Chẳng Thể Là Ai Khác become a hit EDM song like Y.Ê.U by MIN? Only time will tell.

Those Space Boyz from SpaceSpeakers have finally made it. All those years of pushing their underground music have paid off. Once you get that sponsorship money, you know you have made it in the Vietnamese music world. It's not about record sells; it's all about that sponsorship money!!! Partying on boats and golf courses with random skanks? That's the high life. You know what this MV is really about? It's about branding. The Budweiser brand only has a small share of the beer market in Vietnam. In order to compete with more established brands in Vietnam like Heineken and 333, creative branding is Budweiser's best bet to shake things up.

Another day, another forgettable Phương Trinh Jolie MV. I have nothing more to say than that.

Get your sausage wet! Yêu (Make Love) by Trà Ngọc Hằng is a song for all you R&B and slow jam fans out there. The MV for Yêu is a little more provocative than what I'm use to seeing when it comes to Vietnamese media. It makes me feel old because I didn't ever think that the old, conservative way of Vietnamese thinking would change this quickly. Seriously, what happened?

Here's another MV for you R&B addicts. Always and Forever is a song by LK (aka LiL Knight) of LadyKillah and rapper Binz. Like SpaceSpeakers, LadyKillah is an underground music group specializing in your more urban music genres (rap, rnb, etc.).

Xin Đừng Đi (Don't Leave Me Alone) starring MIA and produced by H-Entertainment may be the first 18+ MV ever released by a Vietnamese company. The H must stand for hentai because that shit was ratchet! Forget about trying to show any class. Don't Leave Me Alone is all about getting ratchet. This video gives new meaning to booty shorts. I've heard of assless chaps, but I've never heard of assless shorts. WTF!? I think I have lived too long. What's next? Underwear with dick holes in them? On second thought, I wonder if I can patent assless jorts...

Stay tuned for Part 3. It's already half-way through January, and I'm still behind on my December Vpop MV reviews. Oh boy!