Trung Quân is a Vpop artist that I would describe as having a very old school style. He's all about those slow ballads and songs about the rain. I understand that's the type of music many Vietnamese people enjoy. Personally, however, that's not my thing. That being said, I thought Trái Đất Tròn Không Gì Là Không Thể was an alright MV. I liked the art style of it. It was almost like a lyric video, and I'm a big fan of lyric videos.

Is 90's house music making a comeback? I love 90's house! Lần Đầu by Bảo Anh is basically a modern Vietnamese remake of the La Bouche song Be My Lover from 1995. The problem I have with this is that I find myself wanting to listen to Be My Lover instead whenever I hear Lần Đầu. If you are going to borrow ideas from classic hit songs, you have to make sure that you do such an amazing job that I forget that the original ever existed. Sadly, that didn't happen here. Moreover, the MV had "borrowed" ideas from other popular MVs. Swinging around on a disco ball is oddly similar to a popular Miley Cyrus video, wouldn't you say? The shirt-lifting choreography seems awfully familiar to a dance popularized by the Brown Eyed Girls. I'm willing to give Bảo Anh a break here. She's still a young artist trying to figure things out, and I think she has a Jolin Tsai-esque dancing diva quality to her.

Phắn Đi by Linh Buzi ft. Mr. A, for the second time in a row, is a strange MV for me to talk about. I just don't know where it fits in the current spectrum of Vpop music styles/genres. I guess that's what makes Vpop so interesting to me. With Kpop and Jpop, I know what I'm getting most of the time. But with Vpop, I'm never sure what I'm going to get. There's not a defined sound/formula like there is in Kpop. FYI, "phắn di" means "go away." Given the tone of the song, "f*ck off" may be a better English translation. If you thought she was saying "funny," I totally agree with you!

Here's another HETHON produced MV like Phắn Đi above. Đầu Gấu by Diệu Mi has a certain 2NE1 quality to it. I love the visual style of the MV even if it was possibly taken from a Korean trap MV. But, who am I to say who did what first? Does it matter? No! For example, who was the first person to dunk a basketball? The answer...who cares?!!!

Another Budweiser sponsored SpaceSpeakers MV released in the month of December? Yup, you got it. On paper, The Beat of Celebration looks like it should be a hit. You have Tóc Tiên, who has been torching the Vietnamese music scene in 2015. You have Justatee and Big Daddy, who are making noise on The Remix this season. And to top it all off, you have the hottest young producer in the Vpop game right now in Toulivier. The Beat of Celebration, however, is just an okay song in my opinion. Watching The Beat of Celebration MV was like watching a spaceship failing to launch. I had high hopes for it, but it just never had enough velocity to escape the gravitational pull that is mediocrity. I blame Toulivier, the founder of SpaceSpeakers and de facto leader of the Space Boyz, for this one. He made some bad calculations in the lab. Next time, don't forget to carry the one because your songs need a little more oomph to them.

I can't say that I am Trương Thảo Nhi fan. I thought Em Chẳng Phải Đồ Ngốc was a very average MV; then female rapper extraordinaire Suboi showed up and instantly made everything better. Su-motherf*cking-boi!!! She's one of those artists that I can't say anything bad about. I just like her too much. As far as I'm concerned, Suboi is da shit, and you can't convince me otherwise. Also, how many Vpop MVs have a bathtub shot of some sort in it? 25 percent? It's getting ridiculous now. Is it going to replace gratuitous ass shots as the new hot trend where every video has to have one?

Yo! YoMost! I see you! This is a good example on why you spend money on branding. YoMost, a Vietnamese food and beverage company, was able to capture lightning in a bottle with Sẻ Chia Từng Khoảnh Khắc. Featuring Vietnamese pop singer Min and produced by Touliver, Sẻ Chia Từng Khoảnh Khắc has already amassed over 4.5 million views on YouTube and over 6.7 million views on Facebook in less than a month's time. The "Ynot" dance is the new "gong" dance of 2016. Sẻ Chia Từng Khoảnh Khắc fever is spreading throughout Vietnam, and I caught it. Congrats! Mission accomplished! YoMost brand awareness among Vietnamese youth is at an all-time high. Hooray for capitalism and economics! More money = more quality Vpop.

December was a month filled with many new Vpop MVs. A good number of them were average, but a few of them were outstanding. Sẻ Chia Từng Khoảnh Khắc would be my favorite out of the bunch. With this, I conclude my December 2015 Vpop MV roundup. If I left out any notable videos, let me know in the comments below.