Don't call it a comeback! Mama said knock you out! Tóc Tiên is going to knock you out! Following up her 2015 smash hit Ngày Mai, Tóc Tiên is going for that 1-2 combination finish with her latest MV. Big Girls Don't Cry - TLVR RMX is definitely the spiritual successor to the Vũ Điệu Cồng Chiêng version of Ngày Mai that took Vietnam by storm last summer. Again, TeamV (Touliver x Long Halo x Tóc Tiên) got together to make another Vpop gem.1 Big Girls Don't Cry is a music video that demonstrates just how far the Vietnamese pop music industry has evolved for a developing country.

Big Girls Don't Cry is easily the most visually impressive Vpop MV of 2016 so far. Maybe I'm just an Otaku nerd, but I love the feel and style of this video. I would describe it as a supernatural or fantasy themed Japanese Edo Period style video. It's like an anime translated into real life. Big Girls Don't Cry has some interesting costume designs featured in it. If you're into cosplay or just love elaborate costumes like I do, then you're in for a treat. Some of the costumes worn in this MV look like they belong in a video game. Seriously, some Mortal Kombat characters don't even look this stylish. Vpop has never looked so good.

Welcome back, Mase. Welcome back! TeamV for life!!! I'm hunting the White Devil. Geisha dreams are meant to be. I mean...sweet costume! Dat Lady Deathstrike cosplay. Working dat bamboo pole. The bane of the White man's existence. This is not the finger painting class that I signed up for... They just bleed profusely from their eye sockets.


  1. Special shout-out to composer Châu Đăng Khoa, who has been putting in work.