The boy OnlyC has a new MV out with rapper Lou Hoàng. OnlyC is best known for his hit song Anh Không Đòi Quà ft. Karik. The MV for Anh Không Đòi Quà is one of the most iconic Vpop MVs of the past few years. How do you follow that up? What do you do for an encore? Hãy Đợi Đấy (Nupakachi) is OnlyC's latest effort. Although it may not be the smash hit that Anh Không Đòi Quà was, I think Nupakachi is a pretty solid MV.

I would describe Nupakachi as a bubblegum hip-pop song. What do I mean by that? Let me give you a Kpop example/comparison. Have you ever heard of the Korean hip-hop duo Mighty Mouth? I used to be really into Mighty Mouth, and that's what Nupakachi reminds me of. It's a very upbeat and cheerful pop song with hip-hop/rap elements. Plus, the MV for Nupakachi is very goofy, playful, and cartoony like most of Might Mouth's MVs.

If you grew up in the States like me, you might be asking yourself "What the f*ck does Nupakachi mean?!" Well, there's a popular Russian cartoon called Nu, pogodi! about a hare and a wolf. The wolf is portrayed as a hooligan who is always chasing the hare. In his attempts to catch the hare, the wolf is usually the one who ends up getting the shaft with him reciting "Nu pogodi!" (Just you wait!). A lot of foreign slapstick style cartoons, such as Tom and Jerry for example, are popular in Vietnam. So, I can only assume that Nu, pogodi is a popular children's cartoon in Vietnam and that the Vietnamese pronunciation of it is Nupakachi. To put it simply: Nupakachi! = Nu pogodi! = Hãy đợi đấy! = Just you wait!

Now that I have dropped some knowledge about Vietnamese and Russian culture on you guys, hopefully you won't be as befuddled as I was when I first saw Team Ngô Kiến Huy perform Nupakachi on The Remix.

Just you wait!!! I'll get you my pretty! Exotic cars? We got those! Health inspection score? What's that? How about an extra side of diarrhea with that order? Possible projectile vomiting? Worth it! Die, motherf*cker! Die! Bro, you don't break Bro Code! You will only see OnlyC in this shot.