In the month of January, Vpop superstar Tóc Tiên dropped the first heavy hitter Vpop song of 2016. Other big name Vpop stars have yet to make their 2016 comeback; however, with Tết fast approaching, a lot of Tết themed songs have been released this past month along with some pretty decent Vietnamese pop songs.

Gái Già Lắm Chiêu is a raunchy Vietnamese rom-com starring Diễm My 9X that is coming to Vietnamese theaters this Valentine's Day. In order to promote the movie, pop diva Sĩ Thanh put out an OST music video for it. In my opinion, it's a pretty generic song and MV. Don't get me wrong, I'm no prude, but I need a little more than chest thrusting and leg opening choreography in my music videos. By all means, sex it up. Everybody knows sex sells. I just need something more here.

Here's another Sĩ Thanh MV. This time it's a music video with singer Ngô Kiến Huy, who's on The Remix Season 2, promoting the Luna Q smartphone. Although I'm not really into slow pop ballads, I have to say that Cứ Yêu Đi is a better MV than Gái Già Lắm Chiêu.

The young boy Soobin Hoàng Sơn has been putting in work. Other than putting out this music video, Soobin is currently a contestant on The Remix Season 2. You can also see him in the Vietnamese music sitcom Beyong The Top. I'm a big fan of Soobin's work. I love r&b, so I'll take whatever r&b I can get. But you know what? The MV for Vui Đi Em is kind of dark. What exactly is going on here? Did he force himself on a girl and do some Fifty Shades of Grey type stuff with her? Was he going to commit mass murder?

When I Cry is another one of those super cool MVs from production company Alien Media and the Kawaii team. I honestly think that this MV could have been a huge hit. Imagine if this same MV was released by a 365 member (Isaac for example). It would have blown up. I guarantee it. Instead, no one is going to care because Dương Triệu Vũ doesn't have enough star power to pull something like this off. Who is you, bro? You were on what? Paris by what? Da f*ck is that? Maybe, he should try the Tóc Tiên strategy. Tóc Tiên made the leap from Paris By Night singer to Vpop star thanks largely in part due to her appearance on The Remix Season 1.

I love listening to all types of music. I will listen to the most obscure stuff out there. I will give anything a try. Some people call it being a music hipster, but I just call it being open-minded. Đêm by Hà Trần is an indie rock song that is far from your standard pop song. It may not be the hotness in today's music scene, but I feel you should always try to expand your musical palate. Plus, the animation in this MV is super cool!

All aboard the Tết hype train! If you don't know what the Vietnamese holiday Tết is about, then Tết Sang by Nam Em should give you a pretty good idea of what traditional Tết customs are like. Usually, people go back to their hometown to visit their family. People often decorate their homes with colorful yellow and red flowers such as chrysanthemums or orchids. In the days leading up to Tết, each family cooks special holiday foods such as bánh chưng and bánh dầy. Because the preparations for these foods are quite extensive, family members often take turns to keep watch on the fire overnight. The family altar is cleaned and new offerings are placed there. On the first day of Tết, children wear their new Tết clothes and give their elders a traditional Tết greeting in order to receive red envelopes containing money, li xi, from their elders.

Sau Tất Cả is the debut song for ST.319 dancer-turned-singer Erik. Sau Tất Cả is a very impressive debut song. What I like about it is that it highlights Erik's singing abilities over his dancing or physical appearance. He's hardly in the MV at all. I think that's a good move because it helps minimize the perceived notion that dancers can't sing. Still, there have been many successful singers who started out as dancers. For example, Kpop superstar Bi/Rain started out as a backup dancer for JYP. US pop star J-Lo is another good example. Erik could very well be the next big thing from dance group ST.319, a group that gave us Vpop singer Min.

Speaking of Min, she has a new single out. Min has been dropping hits after hits. I'm on that Min hype train. Up To You is my jam! I'm not sure when a proper MV will be released for Up To You. I guess the above photoshoot BTS video will have to do for now.

Part 2 coming soon.