Tết! Tết! Tết! There are so many songs about Tết. The hype is real! Let's take a look at some more Vietnamese pop songs that were released this past January.

Yo Dawg, I heard you like songs about Tết. Well, here's another one for you. This time it's a teen pop version featuring teen idol Hoàng Yến Chibi and two other dudes that I don't know. I'll say this -- Hoàng Yến is definitely deserving of her nickname "Chibi." For you non-otakus out there, chibi is Japanese slang for a short person or small child. In Japanese anime and manga, chibi is a drawing style in which characters are drawn as small, cute childlike versions of themselves with over-sized heads. So kawaii!!!

Đường Về Quê by 365 member Jun Phạm is another Tết song. It's about the "đường về quê," or the road back home (to the countryside). I, myself, have been on a bus trip through the countryside in Vietnam. Let me tell you, man. It's definitely an interesting experience. The countryside is very scenic and all, but those country roads are sketchy as shit. It also doesn't help that all the seat belts have been cut-off, for whatever reason, and your bus driver drives like he doesn't give a flying f*ck about anything.

Dem slow jams! Vietnamese people sure do love their slow jams. Also known as nhạc buồn, sad songs about lost love have always been extremely popular in Vietnam. I don't listen to much nhạc buồn myself, but I can still recognize a good nhạc buồn song from a bad one. Tâm Sự Với Người Lạ by Tiên Cookie is a good one.

Phải Làm Sao is one of those Vpop MVs that I want to like, but I just can't for some reason. In fact, I think this music video actually makes my listening experience worse rather than better. There's something about this MV that is just so generic, corny, and cheesy to me. I would have much rather had a lyric video than this. You can't go wrong with a lyric video IMO.

Noo Phước Thịnh is getting that sponsorship money like it's nobody's business. Ready Eat Go! is an okay song. Although similar in feel to Min's Yomost MV, this MV is no where as good as Sẻ Chia Từng Khoảnh Khắc. That song was the hotness. This song? It's kind of cheap and generic like the instant noodles being peddled here.

Mr. T and Hòa Minzy are back! Like Noo Phước Thịnh, they're getting in that food sponsorship game. Ăn Gì Đây 2 is an interesting take on the original Ăn Gì Đây, but it still is practically the same song. Ăn Gì Đây 2 is a good song and MV, but I still prefer the original Ăn Gì Đây MV. I will say this, however, I really like the look that Hòa Minzy was rocking in this version. I'm a sucker for áo dàis and long wavy hair.

What better way to end this edition of Vpop MV roundup than with another Tết song! Tết Này Con Về by Isaac Thái and featuring rapper Binz is the ultimate guilt trip MV to get you to go back home to visit your parents. Damn. Now I feel like a piece of shit for not returning home for Tết. It's not so easy when you live in the US, you know? It's not a national holiday like it is in Vietnam.