Bảnh Bao (That's Da Way U Luv Me) by Mr. A and featuring producer Onionn has a new school Asian hip-hop look and feel to it that is popular with the younger teenage audience (think Big Bang). Sometimes Asian rap videos can come off as corny and forced. Nobody likes a try-hard, you know? In Bảnh Bao's case, I think the music video actually works. There's just the right amount of swagger in it for me. I dig it. Bảnh Bao has a very catchy beat and chorus. Ultimately, in today's music scene, that's all you really need.

Ain't nothing but a fuccboi. Loitering on a helipad. Hold up! Babies don't belong in a rap music video. My air-piano playing skills are second to none. My crew will wreck your crew.