Internet and pop culture fascinates me so I am always pretty plugged in to what's going on the interwebs. Today, I am going to talk about some of my favorite viral Vietnamese videos.

Tao là Linh xe ÔM! I am Linh, motor-taxi driver! Mothertruckers!

Taken from an old Paris By Night comedy skit featuring Hoài Linh, this remix makes me lol. "Xe ôm" is a motor-taxi. "Xe" means vehicle and "ôm" means to hug. When you are on the back of a motorbike, a lot of times you will be "hugging" the driver in front of you. Taking a xe ôm is usually cheaper and can get you to your destination faster than taking a traditional taxi cab. However, there are inherent risks when taking a xe ôm since drivers aren't officially licensed drivers of a company like taxi cab drivers are. You never know what kind of characters you are going to run into kind of like in the video above.1

In the original skit, Linh plays a motor-taxi driver who runs into customers that give him trouble. One of his customers needs up dragging him into a brewing quarrel. In the part shown above, dude is trying to psych up Linh after learning that they will be going up against 31 men by themselves. Dude tells Linh to go directly up to the other guy and tell him that he will take on everyone by himself. Meet me in the streets! I will wreck all of you!!! That's basically what he said. Not really. =D

Tao là cung bọ cạp! I am a scorpion! Don't f*ck with me!

Here's a remix video from DJ/producer Hoaprox, who was responsible for helping Đẹp Trai Thì Mới Có Nhiều Đứa Yêu go viral. The story behind this one is that a teacher went off on a student after he started running his mouth. There's a popular English idiom that says if you mess with the bull, you get the horns. Here -- you mess with the scorpion, you get the stinger!

Đánh hay lâm! Sifu, please teach me your ways.

Here's another Hoaprox remix just because I like his stuff. Video games, an old school Kung Fu theme, and EDM? Sounds good to me. Wow. I'm feeling nostalgic for those old school, badly Vietnamese-dubbed Chinese Kung Fu movies now.

Không thể tin được! Unbelievable!

What can I say about the Bphone -- Vietnam's first smartphone? Bkav, the Vietnamese anti-virus company that makes the Bphone, has a lot of work to do before they can become a real player in the highly competitive high-end smartphone market. Currently, the Bphone is the laughingstock of the smartphone world. On May 26th of last year, the Bphone was launched in a big, splashy tech event similar to those held by Silicon Valley tech giants like Apple. Not to be fooled by flashy marketing strategies, Vietnamese netizens clowned Bkav's CEO for his outlandish claims and his Steve Job-esque impersonation.

Remixed to Bowser by Blasterjaxx and W&W (two of my favorite EDM groups), this satirical video is a hoot! Not only does it make fun of the absurdities of the Bphone, but it also jokingly depicts DJing in today's EDM scene. Make no mistake about it. I love electronic dance music, but sometimes I do feel that EDM culture is completely absurd.


  1. As a side note, there's also Uber in Vietnam now.