I enjoy my rap music videos. Bên Anh Đêm Nay by JC Hưng featuring rapper Binz is one of my favorite MVs that was released in February. There's nothing fancy about it, but I really like it nonetheless. It has a catchy chorus and some fresh rap lyrics. That's all I really need. Fancy visuals don't really matter to me. Bên Anh Đêm Nay is one of those car jams that is a joy to listen to while you are cruising down the street.

The boy JC Hưng was killing it again on the chorus in this Andree Right Hand MV. Why is his name Andree Right Hand anyways? Is that his fap hand? Fap hand too strong! Jokes aside, Where U At is a smooth r&b banger that is worth listening to just for the addicting chorus.

"Ủa" is a Vietnamese interjection expressing surprise. It's like the Vietnamese version of "oh." Ủa by rappers Super E and MC ILL is a fun and not-so-serious rap video. It's simple and has that old school rap feel to it. It's kind of troll-y like an old Eminem music video. It feature's a thick Asian girl and a dog that looks like the Doge meme dog. Needless to say, I love it!

Sometimes I wish my Vietnamese language skills were better because often times, I don't know what the hell these Viet rappers be talking about. The wordplay is just too much for me. I spend way too much time trying to figure out what these rappers are referencing in their songs, and there's no Vietnamese version of Rap Genius to reference either. When they dropped that Karik/Carrick line, I was like "WHAT???". I know about Vietnamese rapper Karik, but who or what is Carrick? It turns out that Michael Carrick is an English pro footballer (or soccer player for my fellow Americans) that plays for Manchester United. I'm an American. I don't know that shit. We don't follow soccer here. Even though I don't understand half of the things these cats be rapping about, I still have mad respect for their rap game. Game recognize game, dawg.