Suboi on the motherf*cking track! You go girl! You tell 'em! As a rap music fan, I really enjoy Suboi's work. I especially like how she raps ugly. By "rapping ugly", I mean that she doesn't try to sound pretty or cute when she raps. Hip-hop is very much a counter culture. Mainstream Asian pop culture is obsessed with beauty and cuteness. It's all about having "aegyo" or being "kawaii." It tells girls to be submissive and ultra-feminine. It says dark skin is ugly and pale (white) skin is desirable. Hip-hop culture, however, is a total rejection of these mainstream ideas.

Like Eddie Huang from Fresh Off the Boat, hip-hop has a special place in my heart. It speaks to me as a minority living in America. Therefore, it makes me happy to see people like Suboi bringing hip-hop to Vietnam without bastardizing it.

Đời is Suboi's newest music video. Đời has a very raw and unpolished feel to it. I like that. I like it when people rap angry. One of the rawest emotions that a person can have is anger. Break those f*cking walls! You go Suboi! Kick that f*cking chair! Suboi has the making of an unpretty rapstar.1 I consider her to be the fiercest female MC in the Vietnamese rap game. But no matter how fierce and unpretty she makes herself, I still find her to be extremely cute. It's just well-hidden.



  1. Unpretty Rapstar is a South Korean music competition among female rappers.