Damn Suni! Back at it again with a new, fresh track. Featured in the EDM inspired Vpop track Chẳng Thể Là Ai Khác along side fellow DreamS Entertainment artist Juun Đăng Dũng, new artist Suni Hạ Linh is making a name for herself as one of the best new singers in the Vpop music scene.

Although new to the Vpop scene, Suni has competed in several Vietnamese music TV shows like Kpop Star Hunt and Ngôi Sao Việt in the past. Ready to win the hearts of Vietnamese pop fans, Suni released her first MV as a solo artist last week with Em Đã Biết (I Know).

I'm not really a slow jam type of guy, but I know a good song from a bad one. Em Đã Biết is a good one. Trust me. I know. I also know that yellow and red clothing makes me hungry. It makes me want to get a Big Mac. Damn you Ronald McDonald! You did this to me!

Birds going crazy for some of that WacArnolds.