I am not really a boy band type of person, but I do like 365DaBand. I think they are pretty good. After seeing their latest music video, however, I'm starting to question myself and my previous beliefs. Selfie is your super generic teenage boy band pop song. The MV for Selfie is so corny and bland that it makes me want to commit seppuku. I hope 365 got paid well for doing this MV for Samsung Galaxy J3 because 365's street cred just went down the toilet. Have some self-respect! Don't sell yourself short by putting out commercial garbage. Come on guys! Get it together!

On paper, Xếp Hình (Tetris) seems like a MV that I would enjoy. I like rap music. I like electronic music. I like video games. I like 8-bit music. I like fancy and visually stimulating imagery. I like skanks promiscuous women. I like dance routines. Yet, Xếp Hình failed to impress me. There's something about the whole MV that rubs me the wrong way. To me, it seems like they are trying to sell "coolness." But, you can't simply package "coolness" without coming off as a try-hard. What is a try-hard? A try-hard is a person who consciously attempts to fit a certain style or image through deliberate imitation, forced style, or scripted behavior. Nobody likes a try-hard. I appreciate the effort, but don't come around here with that weak sauce. I see the potential behind MVs like Xếp Hình, but that potential hasn't quite been realized yet.