ST.319 and HETHON creative entertainment production teams have teamed up to bring Vpop fans a next-gen Vietnamese music video with Only U by artist Hoàng Tôn. I would describe Only U as a pop R&B song -- a style of music that I very much enjoy. Hoàng Tôn is no stranger to the R&B game. A year ago he released Mọi Sự Là Vì Em, which I picked as my favorite R&B song of 2015. So, how does Only U compare? I have to say Only U pretty much has Mọi Sự Là Vì Em beat in every aspect.

I became a fan of Only U from the very first view. In comparison, I had to watch Mọi Sự Là Vì Em multiple times before it grew on me. Only U has a very polished and professional feel to it whereas Mọi Sự Là Vì Em was kind of corny IMO. Moreover, Only U features actress/model Fung La!!! Remember her from When I Cry? I do. In Only U, she plays the dream girl -- a girl so perfect that she only exists in VR. They couldn't have picked a better person to play the part. There's just something about Fung La's look that is so surreal and mesmerizing to me.

If VR headset makers can perfect the girlfriend experience like this, then we are all in trouble. All sorts of dudes would become VR addicts stuck in a perpetual state of pleasure-seeking. Therefore, we should all remember the wise words of Shia LaBeouf -- "Don't let your dreams be dreams!" -- because your dreams can be a reality just like in this MV when Hoàng's dream girl appeared to him in real life.

Virtual reality is the hot new tech trend. So dreamy... But I squeal like a pig when I'm excited. Gratuitous ass shot quota fulfilled. Bảo Thy is that you? The old hot girl emerging from water fantasy. Be my fantasy girl. Don't set me free. Be my fantasy.