Erik ST.319 back at it again with another tearjerker of a love song. I usually don't like listening to sad love songs (aka nhạc buồn), but I do enjoy these slow ballads that Erik has been putting out lately. For a new singer, Erik has been making a ton of noise in the Vpop scene. After all, Sau Tất Cả has been one of the biggest Vpop hits of 2016. With all new artists who have early success, I always have to wonder -- can they keep it up? Will Erik be Vpop's breakout artist of 2016, or is he going to be a one-hit wonder?

Yêu Và Yêu is Erik's latest song. It is an OST song for the movie Bệnh Viện Ma coming out this April. Bệnh Viện Ma stars Vpop singer Hari Won and comedian/actor Trấn Thành. If you ask me, Bệnh Viện Ma looks like a good one. It's a rom-com disguised as a horror film. The OST lyric music video seen above definitely peaked my interest in the movie. I guess that shows you that marketing does work.

The boy Erik has been killing it! I don't even like slow ballads, but somehow I still find myself listening to these Vietnamese slow jams by Erik ST.319.