How well do you know your Vpop hits? How many Vpop songs from 2015 and 2016 can you name in under 7 minutes? Can you name 30 songs? No? Yeah, me neither.

Recently, a couple of Vietnamese YouTubers released a fan mashup of 30 Vpop songs all mashed up into one 6-minute-and-49-seconds long cover song. That's a pretty impressive task if you ask me. With over 1 million views in 2 weeks time, the posted mashup video is quickly making its way around the internet and winning over Vpop fans.

For fun, I would suggest watching the video and writing down all the songs that you can recognize. For your convenience, I have included a cheat sheet of all the songs that were used in the mashup. If you're a Vpop noob, then I feel the above video and following song list also make for a good jumping off point into your dive into the Vpop music world.