S.T from 365DaBand hooked up with entertainment production group St. 319 to put out a super-mega MV. Tình Yêu Tuyệt Vời (Perfect Love) is a highly polished music video that is starting to become the norm for Vpop MVs. Looks like all that Pepsi sponsorship money is paying off!

Tình Yêu Tuyệt Vời has a very new school melodic sound to it that is very hard to categorized. Produced by Rhymastic, Tình Yêu Tuyệt Vời is a song that demonstrates just how diverse Vietnamese music has grown to be. Rhymastic along with his fellow Space Speakers members represent a new group of music makers who are revolutionizing the Vietnamese music scene. Songs by Rhymastic and Touliver (Space Speakers founder) usually don't fit a nice established mold. Instead, their songs are a combination of different musical influences -- everything from hip-hop to more mainstream EDM genres like progressive house and trap to less popular EDM genres like deep house and tropical house to classical ballads.

Poor S.T. Love never works out for him in these music videos. He always getting dumped and ending up forever alone like JustaTee.