OPlus is a Vietnamese boy band from Hanoi that appeared on X-Factor Vietnam 2014. While most modern Asian boy bands put a heavy emphasis on dance and visuals, OPlus is a boy band that takes an older school approach. Their style is less dance and more acapella. They have more things in common with boy bands from the past (e.g. Boyz II Men) than they do with the more modern pop style of boy bands (e.g. NSYNC and Kpop boy bands).

Bye Bye is OPlus' latest music video. It is a mini-drama MV. Mini-drama MVs have the advantage of running longer than normal MVs, which allows for better story telling and a longer lasting impression on the viewer. Bye Bye is a very interesting song. Vietnamese pop-rock songs are hard to come by. Rock is a genre that quite often goes underrepresented in modern Vietnamese music. For me, Bye Bye has a 90's light rock sound that is quite refreshing and nostalgic to hear. Plus, I like how the MV highlighted how carefree and innocent one's school days can be. Is there anything better than your springtime of youth? Probably not. So live it up, boys and girls. Live it up like you're in a 1990's Mentos commercials.

Mentos! The Freshmaker!