Đưa Nhau Đi Trốn (Run Away) is one of those songs that I didn't quite understand on the first listen. It's a song that I think is too smart for its own good. It's a song that is so different from the current pop music trends that it's quite startling when you first listen to it. I would describe Đưa Nhau Đi Trốn as a country/bluegrass Vietnamese rap song. Think about that for a moment. If someone were to ask me if I thought mixing country music and rap music together was a good idea, I would tell them to get the f*ck outta here with that hipster shit. After hearing Đưa Nhau Đi Trốn multiple times now, I have to say that it has grown on me significantly, so much so that I now think that Vietnamese rapper Đen is a freaking genius.

If country music isn't really your thing, then you're in luck. For this week's edition of Mix It Up Mondays!, I have two official EDM remixes of Đưa Nhau Đi Trốn for your listening pleasure.