Vietnamese singer/songwriter Châu Đăng Khoa continues his Craze ways of wearing heavy winter clothing outside in the blistering heat with his newest MV -- Lẻ Loi. Although I personally think it's insane to be wearing so many layers of heavy clothing in a country that is so close to the equator, I respect it. I respect a man who would put his craft before his own personal comfort. It has to be hot as hell in all that clothing! But if that is what Châu Đăng Khoa wants to do as a pop singer to make a fashion statement, then I think that's actually pretty cool.1

Lẻ Loi, or Lonely, is a pretty good pop song IMO. Although the lyrics are rather simplistic and repetitive, the song is quite catchy. Also, Lẻ Loi has an interesting mix of different musical styles that I find quite refreshing. There's a little bit of tropical house. There's a little bit of r&b. There's even some jazz in there. That saxamaphone, yo! How can you not love that sexy sounding saxophone? Sax me up, bro!


  1. Vietnam has a tropical climate for the most part. Therefore, winter clothing is something that is considered to be fashionable. It's something that is non-essential and different from the norm.