Don't You Go is one of those songs that kind of took me by surprise. Initially, I didn't expect much when I first watched the MV for Don't You Go. I didn't think it was going to be a song that I was going to like just judging from the looks of the MV. But I always try to give everything a chance. I'm glad I did because Don't You Go is quickly becoming one of my favorite Vpop songs of the moment.

Don't You Go is a newly released single by 23 year-old Vietnamese singer Vũ Cát Tường, who was a contestant on The Voice 2013. A lot of Vietnamese pop songs these days are heavily influenced by electronic music. Therefore, I love hearing songs that take a more traditional approach to music production. As much as I love EDM and other forms of high energy dance tracks, a simple uplifting pop-rock song can get me just as excited. Them string instruments! That piano! That drum! That trumpet!!! F*ck yeah!

If you enjoy uplifting pop-rock songs like Mình Yêu Từ Bao Giờ, then I would recommend you give Don't You Go a listen.