Following in Đông Nhi's footsteps, Vietnamese pop singer Minh Hằng shakes it for a foreign beverage company. With the recent growing concern over lead tainted tea from Philippine-based beverage company Universal Robina Corporation, now is the perfect time to make a marketing push if you are a competitor. That's exactly what Japanese and American owned Suntory PepsiCo is doing with TEA+ Plus.

Minh Hằng (nicknamed "heo xinh," or cute piggy) is so darn adorable in Shake It Matcha. She's a great spokesperson to have IMO. Because whatever she's selling, I want some. Even if TEA+ was tainted with lead like C2 Green Tea, I would still drink it. YOLO! That's how much I adore Minh Hằng.

Dễ Thương Quá