Tóc Tiên put out a new music video last week, and it has me so confused. The English title of the song is I'm In Love. The Vietnamese alternate title is Phụ Nữ Là Để Yêu, which translated into English means women are meant to be loved. I know International Women's Day is kind of a big deal in Vietnam, but that was months ago. I guess you really don't need a holiday to celebrate women. But, why now? And why this song? Is she not singing about being a love with some dude in I'm In Love? It does not make sense to me. Shouldn't Tóc Tiên be singing about being in love with herself and not some buster?

I'm In Love is a music video clearly intended to celebrate women in Vietnam. It features prominent Vietnamese women in positions of power and influence like journalists, show hosts, actresses, dancers, and singers. Fellow Vpop singer Tiên Tiên makes a cameo appearance with her curly and signature tomboy-ish look. Most notably, Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên -- MC of the popular Thúy Nga musical variety show Paris By Night and daughter of a former South Vietnamese Prime Minister -- makes an appearance to show her support for Tóc Tiên and women's empowerment. Two members of the Vietnamese LGBT community also are included in the video.

I'm In Love is a pretty good song. I always enjoy Touliver's electro-pop style of music production. But, I'm still confused as can be with the theming of this MV. If this MV is about women's empowerment, shouldn't she be singing about not wanting no scrub? As TLC put it, a scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me. Why is Tóc Tiên singing about being in love with a man then? Aren't men the enemy? That's what feminism in American pop culture has taught me. Men are not to be loved. They suck! Women are to be loved.