A large number of new Vietnamese music videos have been released during the last few months. Since I never got around to talking about any of them, I have decided to make one large post about all the notable MVs that have come out this past spring.

If you like Vietnamese love songs, then you can't go wrong with Miu Lê. I always find her work to be pretty good. It's been a long time since I have listened to a bad Miu Lê song. Anh Đang Nơi Đâu is a pretty simplistic song and music video. That doesn't make it bad though. Sometimes simple is good.

Who dafuq is Linh Lybee? The hell if I know! Tiếc Chi leaves much to be desired. I am always kind of hesitant to rip on new artists too much. Since Linh Lybee seems to be a new artist, I am not going to give her too much flak. Do I think Tiếc Chi was bad? Yes! However, there was enough good there that I think Linh Lybee can someday get her act together and have a breakout hit song or two.

Sợ Tình Phôi Pha is a not really my style of song, but I am a person who likes to mix it up. Vietnamese people in general love their slow jams. So, I too find myself listening to Vietnamese slow jams from time to time. If you are a fan of slow jams, Sợ Tình Phôi Pha by Thiều Bảo Trang might be the song for you.

I'll admit it. I'm a Minh Hằng fanboy. I just love her thick eyebrows and big forehead! I find them so adorable. Anh Từ Đâu is OST song for the movie Bao Giờ Có Yêu Nhau, a film by Dustin Nguyen. In Bao Giờ Có Yêu Nhau, Minh Hằng plays the role of two twin sisters. From what I have been able to gather, Bao Giờ Có Yêu Nhau is a love story with supernatural elements. I'm more of a simple Asian rom-com type of guy, so I'm going to have to pass on seeing this movie. It looks too artsy for my taste. Plus, I'm not sure if I want to watch a movie where Minh Hằng gets gang raped. That doesn't sound cool to me.

Bước Đến Bên Em (Step To You) is a dance song by Trọng Hiếu. Born and raised in Germany, Trọng Hiếu is the first overseas Vietnamese person (Việt Kiều) to win Vietnam Idol in 2015. He reminds me of Bruno Mars. He may not be the tallest guy, but he knows how to bring the funk. And like Bruno Mars, Trọng is a pretty good dancer in his own right. As a teenager, Trọng Hiếu entered and won multiple dance competitions in Germany. As a fellow small Asian male, I identify with Trọng's struggles in this video. Random dudes are always trying to fight you!

I really like the song Đừng Về Trễ by Sơn Tùng M-TP. For the most part, I always find sequels or other derivative works to be rather lack luster. It's hard to live up to the standards that the original work set. However, Đừng Về Trễ 2 by rapper R.Tee and singer Suni Hạ Linh is actually a worthy sequel to Sơn Tùng M-TP's original song IMO. It still has that same feel of the original, but it's also different enough that it doesn't sound like just another cover song. With Suni singing the chorus, Đừng Về Trễ 2 has a very feminine quality to it that is very easy on the ears.

Nhạc buồn!

More nhạc buồn...

Wake me when it's over.

Maya says:

See me in court, muthaf*ckas! If you can't prove it's plagiarism in a court of law then it's not plagiarism.1

As mush as I like to make fun of singer Châu Đăng Khoa, I think an apology might be in order. Like one of my readers pointed out, Vietnam can get very cold in certain places. The MV for Giữ was shot in the same location as the MV for Lẻ Loi from what I can tell. I have no idea where exactly, but I would like to know. Where is this large outdoor amphitheater located? And, how cold does it get? Are thick sweater cardigans really necessary?

I just don't understand why Ngô Kiến Huy is so popular. I thought he lasted way longer than he should have on The Remix. To me, this MV is just a less hip version of Bước Đến Bên Em. Perhaps, I am just not Vietnamese enough to understand. I really think it's a cultural thing -- like how I'm not that big of a fan of nhạc buồn since I grew up in America. Ngô Kiến Huy is so Vietnamese! When I say that, I mean that he has such a traditional Vietnamese way of presenting himself. The way he talks, the way he moves, his sense of humor, his mannerisms.....everything about him screams old school Vietnamese to me.

Khi Người Mình Yêu Khóc by Phan Mạnh Quỳnh is the hotness right now in Vietnam. Phan Mạnh Quỳnh is most known for his 2015 smash hit Vợ Người Ta. Like Ngô Kiến Huy, I feel his appeal is strictly targeted towards a Vietnamese audience. No one outside of Vietnam probably knows who this dude is. Yet, this dude is killing it! Nhạc buồn is king in Vietnam, and Phan Mạnh Quỳnh is the king when it comes to recent nhạc buồn hits.

I was a person who once didn't like nhạc buồn, but Phan Mạnh Quỳnh was one of the Vietnamese artists that changed my opinion. Phan Mạnh Quỳnh keeps putting out these nhạc buồn gems. Tri Kỷ, which means soulmate in English, is his latest MV. In a strange way, listening to nhạc buồn makes me feel more Vietnamese. And I probably wouldn't listen to nhạc buồn if it weren't for artists like Phan Mạnh Quỳnh.


  1. Maya never actually said this. I made it up for funzies.