The girls of Lip B have been quite busy putting out Vpop MVs. Số Nhọ (Bad Luck) is Lip B's follow-up MV to their debut song Love You Want You. In Số Nhọ, the girls of Lip B are depicted as having bad luck with guys. More specifically, the girls end up chasing after a handsome and manly guy that turns out to be gay.

As a Vietnamese American raised in a Catholic family, the topic of homosexuality has always been a rather taboo subject. However, I have noticed that depiction of homosexuality is somewhat common in Vietnamese media. You will hear gay jokes all the time if you watch Vietnamese sketch comedy. Also, there have been many prominent Vietnamese films that feature gay themes. De Mai Tinh and Lost in Paradise are two examples. The sequel to De Mai Tinh even broke box office records in Vietnam. That's how much Vietnamese people love their gay jokes.

Since I don't live in Vietnam, it's hard for me to say how Vietnam as a whole views homosexuality. I would imagine, however, that homosexuality is far less taboo than it is in heavily populated Christian countries like the US or even South Korea. In the Kpop music industry, idols will often perform "fan service" -- which is the act of displaying homoerotic behavior in order to excite fans. However, idols are quick to reaffirm their heterosexuality when questioned about their sexuality.

In Vietnamese media, the depiction of homosexuality is much more blatant. For example, male singer Soobin Hoàng Sơn plays an unabashedly gay character in JustaTee's Forever Alone MV. I really don't think he could have done that in the Kpop culture. Dressing up in drag and participating in some pretend bromance is one thing, but being seen as an actual gay man? Never! It would be career suicide! There's too much homophobia in South Korean culture for that to happen.

As I run into more and more Vpop MVs that touch on gay themes, I can't help but ask myself -- how exactly is homosexuality viewed in Vietnam? Is Vietnam more liberal than I have been taught to believe? Or, are gay people just the butt of jokes?