After releasing Bống Bống Bang Bang a few weeks ago, news finally broke that the members of 365DaBand will be pursuing individual solo careers after holding their final concert in Ho Chi Minh City on July 30th. This final concert will celebrate the 5th anniversary of 365, and it will be 365's biggest liveshow yet. With a budget of more than 5 billion VND and some big name music talents helping out, 365's farewell show titled The Impact will sure to leave a lasting impression on 365 fans everywhere.

I am sure this will be sad news for many 365 fans. Don't worry though; the boys of 365 will still be around. According to Isaac, the 10 year plan for 365 established by VAA founder Ngô Thanh Vân had always intended for the band to perform together for the first 5 years. Going forward, each member will now have their own chance to shine as solo artists.

This news may have come as a surprise to many fans. Personally, however, it kind of makes sense to me. In 365's last full album (It's 365), it seemed to me that they were making an effort to highlight each member of 365 individually. The last four songs on that album were solo songs by each of the individual members. Also, I have been saying that Isaac should go solo anyways for the last year. He already has been performing solo at different liveshows through out the year. It makes sense for Isaac to go solo IMO.

For the other members, disbanding 365 may not be so ideal for their brand. Look at past 365 member Tronie for example. Sure, he's pretty popular, but he's nowhere as popular as he would be if he was still part of 365. Tronie who? Disbanding 365 is a pretty risky move. There's a risk of upsetting your fan base. There's a risk that the solo careers of each member will fall short. To disband 365 -- a known money making machine -- at the height of their popularity? That's pretty crazy! But I guess you don't become one of the most successful and powerful women in the Vietnamese entertainment industry by being a pussy! Believe in the NTV! She knows what's up.

If 365 is indeed breaking up at the end of the month, then does that mean that Bống Bống Bang Bang will be the last 365 MV ever? That's kind of disappointing to think about. On the bright side, fans will still be able to see 365DaBand this August in the upcoming big budget film Tấm Cám: The Untold Story produced by VAA and directed by none other than NTV herself.