The most popular Vietnamese cover song of 2016 finally has it's own official MV out now. What am I talking about? I am talking about Anh Cứ Đi Đi by Korean Vietnamese singer Hari Won. The trend of posting a cover video of yourself singing Anh Cứ Đi Đi on the internet has taken over social media in Vietnam these days. Everyone is doing it. Little kids are doing it. Other Vietnamese singers are doing it. Everyone!!! You ain't cool, unless you pee your pants! I do a cover video of Anh Cứ Đi Đi.

I find it quite interesting that even other popular singers are posting cover videos of themselves singing Anh Cứ Đi Đi. Just to name a few, I have seen Hồ Ngọc Hà, Thái Tuyết Trâm, Hòa Minzy, Hoàng Yến Chibi, and Thanh Duy all do covers of Anh Cứ Đi Đi. That's kind of strange to me. Would Katy Perry ever post a video of herself covering a Taylor Swift song, or vice versa? I highly doubt it. Instead, they would rather make passive-aggressive remarks about each other through social media.

For me, Anh Cứ Đi Đi was a song that kind of came out of no where to become a major hit this summer. Hari Won is mostly known for her teenage pop and Kpop style songs. After all, Hari did start her career in the Kpop industry as a member of a Korean girl group. Therefore, I was quite surprised to see Hari release a very old school Vietnamese style ballad song in Anh Cứ Đi Đi. Personally, I never thought Anh Cứ Đi Đi would ever become this popular. I guess I just vastly underestimated the popularity of nhạc buồn with the Vietnamese audience.

As a relatively new follower of the Vietnamese pop music scene, I don't quite understand why certain phenomenons and trends happen. I just know that if all the cool kids are doing it, then I should do it too. Speaking of which, I don't understand this recent explosion of cover videos for My Sunshine by Đông Nhi. That seems to be the new Anh Cứ Đi Đi.