Từng Ngày Em Mơ Về Anh (Every Day I Dream Of You) is a MV that MLee x Soobin shippers will love. In Từng Ngày Em Mơ Về Anh, Vietnamese French singer MLee gets cozy with male singer Soobin Hoàng Sơn. A little too cozy if you ask me. What did MLee put in Soobin's wine for goodness sake? Did she pull a Bill Cosby? Well, at least Soobin can deny doing anything wrong if MLee's real life boyfriend Cường Seven gets pissed at him.

Từng Ngày Em Mơ Về Anh is a pretty straightforward pop song by producer Rhymastic, who was part of Soobin's team on The Remix. Personally, I find your straight down the middle pop songs quite enjoyable. I particularly appreciate the fact that Từng Ngày Em Mơ Về Anh has English subtitles! That's some forward-thinking for you!