Now that 365DaBand has officially disbanded after holding their farewell concert called The Impact - The New Star on July 31, what will the future hold? In the world of Asian pop music, boy bands are hot commodities. With Vietnam's biggest Vpop boy band gone, there's a void that needs to filled. There's no doubt in my mind that someone is going to try to run up on 365's spot. When a throne is left vacant, mayhem ensues -- like in the Odyssey, for example, when a bunch of thirsty fuccbois camped out in Odysseus' crib and tried to holla at his wife. Essentially, that is what is going to happen.

Already new boy bands are being assembled as 365 fans are still left crying and picking up the pieces of 365's breakup literally. One such boy band is MONSTAR. MONSTAR is a boy band being put together by the popular dance and youth entertainment group ST.319. Currently, there are three members -- Erik, Nicky, and Key -- already handpicked out to form a 5-member super team. A 5-member super team called Monstar? Sounds like the plot to the movie Space Jam if you ask me. Let's hope they can get the Michael Jordan of Vpop to join that team. Perhaps, Erik is that guy. He has already been making waves as a solo artist with hit songs like Sau Tất Cả and Yêu Và Yêu.

Throw your gang signs up!

While still looking to add 2 additional members to the group, MONSTAR has already started making moves. Last month, they went to South Korea to meet AOA subgroup AOA Cream and the Kpop boy band B1A4 as a way to promote the South Korean celebrity streaming app V LIVE. With only 3 members, the band is looking to Turn It Up. From the looks of their first performance video, MONSTAR could very well take the title of Vietnam's top boy band.