Is it 2005 again? All of these girl themed Vpop MVs being released this August has me thinking that perhaps Korean pop icon BoA was right when she released her 2005 album Girls On Top. The girls are all back in town, and they aren't playing games.

In this new Trang Pháp MV, real life couple Cường Seven and MLee make a guest appearance only to have a glass of water thrown in Cường Seven's face. Afterwards, Trang Pháp runs off with her BFF to have a gay old time.

Girls rule and boys drool in this MV by Phương Trinh Jolie. Also, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Girl power! In this ST.319 MV, Văn Mai Hương is spreading a message of strength and confidence to girls. Because you're beautiful, beautiful...

Crush On You by Phương Ly is another girl themed MV about girls living their lives to the fullest. Instead of worrying about guys chasing her like Khánh Tiên, Phương Ly is out hanging with her homegirls.1


  1. Crush On You by Khánh Tiên was a pretty good MV IMO. What can I say? I enjoy simple teenage pop songs.