Vietnamese singer Bích Phương keeps it simple, stupid when it comes to her musical style. A lot of Vietnamese artists these days are using all sorts of gimmicks to try to make a name for themselves. Ballad singer Bích Phương, however, has made a name for herself by using the KISS method.

Bích Phương's latest song Gửi Anh Xa Nhớ is a good example of how good old-fashioned Vietnamese style ballads (aka nhạc buồn) can still be popular with today's young audience. Unlike most modern Vietnamese pop music videos, the MV for Gửi Anh Xa Nhớ doesn't seek to copy foreign trends. Instead, it is a MV that mainly draws upon Vietnam's own rich history. No where else will you get the same historical Vietnamese French colonial feel that Gửi Anh Xa Nhớ depicts. It is a MV that is uniquely and authentically Vietnamese.

It is no wonder that fans like to refer to Bích Phương as the queen of melancholy music. Gửi Anh Xa Nhớ makes me wish that I could have seen retro Vietnam in all its glory. Today, Vietnam is modernizing at a rapid pace. One day, all these historical French colonial buildings that are still standing, they'll be gone. Gotta make room for another Starbucks or Circle K, ya know? Yay capitalism!