Reggae is a genre of music that definitely isn't very popular or mainstream these days. You pretty much have to be some sort of hipster to be listening to reggae. If you listen to Asian reggae, then you pretty much have to be some sort of super hipster. Well, I guess I'm a super hipster because I enjoy listening to Asian reggae from time to time. Japanese reggae is da bomb if you ask me. That Urban Pirates album by lecca? That album was off the chain!

It has been a long time since I have seen anyone try to push reggae into the limelight when it comes to Asian pop music. Tam Ka PKL is doing just that in the Vietnamese music scene. Team Tam Ka PKL is a group of Vietnamese rappers consisting of JGKiD (Phương), KraziNoyze (Khoa), and Emcee L (Long). FYI, JGKiD is also a member of the popular rap trio Da LAB.

If you like listening to your more offbeat and unconventional pop music like me, then Bài Ka Tuổi Trẻ might be the song for you. Tam Ka PKL reminds me of other Vietnamese artists like Trúc Nhân and Da LAB -- artists who take a more untraditional approach when creating popular music for the masses. As much as I like simple pop songs and catchy Kpop-style songs, I also like to change it up ever once in awhile to keep things fresh. Therefore, I'm glad that someone out there is putting out Vietnamese reggae music.