Mơ Trên Mây has all the ingredients needed for a hit Vpop MV. Rapper? Check. Vocals? Check. Visuals? Check. Mr. T is a pretty decent rapper, and I usually like his stuff -- Ăn Gì Đây was my jam. Suni Hạ Linh is one of the better new Vpop singers. And Mai Ngô? Well, I don't really care for her.

For some reason, Mơ Trên Mây just didn't make an impression on me. I watched it when it first came out, and I told myself that I would blog about it. In the end, I just eventually forgot all about it. Now weeks later, I'm finally blogging about it. There's nothing wrong with Mơ Trên Mây. It's not just my type of song, ya know? Some people like chicken. Some people like steak. Some people think Mai Ngô is hot. Some people (me) don't really agree.