Most Vietnamese pop songs are about love and heartache. There are times, however, when I feel like just screaming "Hater! Hater! Hater! We don't give a f*ck!" like 95G in Nam Kỳ Flow. As much as I like listening to simple pop songs, sometimes I just need to mix it up with some hardcore gangsta rap. Therefore, this week's Mix It Up Mondays song of the week is a Viet rap song about telling all them haters out there to "Get on my level hoe!" like Lil' Jon.

Trên Cao Nhìn Xuống, which means looking down from above, features some of Vietnam's best rappers in the game. Kimmese, Tam Ka PKL, Suboi, and Đen Vâu are all accomplished rappers/groups in their own right. Since I like all of them individually, it's hard for me to tell you who killed it the most in Trên Cao Nhìn Xuống. One thing is for sure though: Viet rap lives!