In September, rookie group Uni5 made a splashy debut with their first MV -- C'mon. I think it's safe to say that C'mon was a strongly Kpop-inspired song/MV. For their second MV -- Xin Hãy Rời Xa -- released this October, Uni5 continues to take a very Korean approach when it comes to the visual theming of their music videos. However, Xin Hãy Rời Xa has an audio style that isn't Korean at all. It is a style that is completely unique to Vietnamese pop music in my opinion. It is a style of music that I like to refer to as EDM pop ballads since it combines elements of modern electronic music with newer school pop with older school Vietnamese ballads.

Initially, I assumed Uni5 was going to be a cookie-cutter Kpop-style Vpop group, so I wasn't very interested in their debut. Xin Hãy Rời Xa, however, has changed my opinion about Uni5. Now, I'm somewhat intrigued since I see that 6th Sense Entertainment is showing a willingness to at least tinker with the standard Kpop formula that everyone seems to follow.