In the web series Cảm Ơn Sensei produced by YEAH1TV, singer Trương Thảo Nhi plays a teenage girl who is forced to learn Japanese because her mother is moving the family to Japan for work related reasons. Much to her chagrin, Trương Thảo Nhi's character (Hiếu) is constantly hassled by her Vietnamese-Japanese instructor (Jun Phạm of 365DaBand) to study while she would rather spend her time making cover videos with her two friends (Yori of Lip B and Nhung Gumiho).

I'm not much of a drama series watcher, so I can't really give any recommendations on what drama series to watch. However, I can tell you that the music on Cảm Ơn Sensei is pretty good. I very much enjoy the cover songs that the Cảm Ơn Sensei crew has been releasing for the series.

This 365DaBand cover song combines two popular 365 songs (Bống Bống Bang Bang and Hai Cô Tiên) together into a refreshing, new mashup song. I always like it when female singers cover popular songs done by male singers because it always results in a song that somehow feels different yet familiar.

This cover song combines Bad Boy by Đông Nhi with Bốn Chữ Lắm -- a song that Trương Thảo Nhi original sung with male singer Trúc Nhân. Bốn Chữ Lắm was the song that really put Trương Thảo Nhi on the map. Therefore, it's nice to see Trương Thảo Nhi perform Bốn Chữ Lắm once again.

Baby Baby by MONSTAR is that new hotness when it comes to boy band songs. Perhaps, however, maybe you aren't really into boy bands, and you haven't listened to it. For those of you who prefer female vocals in songs (like me), then this cover is a good excuse to listen to a popular boy band song without feeling like a young teenage girl.

This cover was done for Tết Trung Thu aka Mid-Autumn Festival. There are not many Tết Trung Thu themed songs that I can think of, so it's nice to see the Cảm Ơn Sensei crew doing one for a Vietnamese holiday that is often overlooked in the USA.