When Viet rapper Wowy threaten to quit the rap game, ranted on social media about the need to support the arts, and started his solo quest to crowdfund a "Live" show embodying the spirit and livelihood of Vietnamese rappers, performers, and street artists earlier this year; I thought that he was off his rocker! I thought he was as crazy as that long ass sentence that I just wrote. In order to fund "LIVE!", Wowy asked for $1 from everyone who supports street culture and art to donate to the show. Well, it looks like Wowy is really going to do it LIVE! I didn't really believe it was going to happen, but I guess I was wrong. "LIVE!" is going to take place December 2, 2016 at Queen Hall in District 4 (aka gangster's paradise) of HCMC.

To kick off his "LIVE!" concert promotion, Wowy put out a new MV for his latest song EMMMMM. I have to hand it to Wowy. Just when I thought Wowy was losing his shit, he goes and does something like this...and totally redeems himself! It looks like Wowy is back at the top of his game. EMMMMM is a beautifully artistic MV with a lot of soul. Plus, Nam Hương kilt'it on the vocals. Bravo! Bravo!