Now that the boys of 365DaBand are all going their separate ways, it will be interesting to see how successful each member will be individually. Personally, I have high hopes for Isaac -- the former leader and designated alpha male of the 365. However, Isaac's first solo MV of his post-365DaBand career has left me feeling a little confused and a little bit uneasy.

Get Down is like a weird fever dream that you never asked for. It starts off innocent enough with you following a hot girl (MLee) in a white nurse/waitress outfit down a hall into a restaurant/bar filled with dudes who look like they belong in a Big Bang MV. Then, you are handed a pizza and beer from the hottie in the white outfit. Pizza? Beer? Hot girl? It seems like your wildest dreams are coming true. Then, everything starts getting crazy when you see cheerleaders with clown hair frolicking on your pizza. Mothertrucker! Just when you thought you were going to get lucky, you start tripping balls. Nothing seems to make sense anymore. You start questioning everything. Like, why was that Heineken can shaped like an energy drink? Next thing you know, you are falling off your chair into a pool of water like you're Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Inception. You come to your senses and wake up to conveniently find a well-placed, waterproof Samsung S7 phone. It was almost as if it was placed there on purpose. With no idea how you ended up in a geisha house, you follow the mysterious hot girl again like you're Neo being told to follow the white rabbit in the movie The Matrix. Somehow you end up in a room with a collection of Japanese women with cartoonishly thin eyebrows like they were taken from a Kabuki drawing. You start partying with these cartoon geishas, but somehow you end up in a car with a bunch of weirdos wearing neon makeup because geisha dreams aren't meant to be. Eventually, you exit the car in a Ric Flair outfit to lead a circus that is popping off in an empty warehouse.

Does any of this makes sense? Of course not! This whole damn MV is a circus! It's like a screwed up fever dream -- a really, really sick joke of a fever dream. I just hope Isaac and Ngô Thanh Vân know what they are doing because this MV and the whole 365DaBand breaking up seems to make little sense right now. I really hope everything doesn't turn into a freaking circus figuratively and literally with 365. Leave the circus act to the Hai Cô Tiên MV.

Clowns suck!