Arigatou, Mr. Roboto. In the 6-episode-long web mini-drama series Cám Ơn Sensei, popular Vietnamese singers Jun Phạm (365DaBand) and Trương Thảo Nhi teamed up to play the main on-screen couple of the series. Not only that, they also teamed up in order to make a music video for the OST song Arigatou Người Đã Đến. The MV for Arigatou Người Đã Đến is pretty much a microcosm of the series. It combines youthful exuberance, music, and Japanese culture in order to discreetly promote Matcha Tea. Now that Cám Ơn Sensei is over, there's nothing else to say but "arigatou" to TEA+ Plus for shelling out the cash to make these videos. FYI, arigatou = cám ơn = thank you.